Who is Susan Wallace?

Throughout her life, Susan has balanced the titles of daughter, mother, spouse, board member, marketing executive among many others; with Susan Wallace Coaching, she excitedly takes on the title of founder and coach.

Susan is an Institute of Integrative Nutrition certified coach committed to helping women move through tough transitions and discover their next adventure. Susan draws on her personal experience in which she utilized coaching to manage and transform through difficult transitions.

What’s Susan’s ‘Why’

“Dealing with the corporate grind and health issues brought me to my knees — I was suffocating. I didn’t feel like I should ask for help — “I can’t do it all.” was the mantra that played through my mind.  It was a scary, helpless place to be. 

Having gone through that with the help of a supportive combination of a coach, a therapist, and self care techniques, I know how important it is that I didn’t stay in that horrible place. I don’t want any woman to be stuck there… there’s a way out.

I’m here because I want women to be the architect of their own lives, not just a life lived in reaction to others.” 

-Susan Wallace

The values I stand for

The authentic self

By bringing my authentic self to my work, I invite my clients to do the same.

Purposeful relationship building

Transformational coaching requires a relationship built on trust and an openness to challenge.

Expanding limits

My clients and I work to acknowledge and move beyond their limiting beliefs.

The restorative power of nature

Nature shows us our place in the world; I encourage my clients to discover the restorative joy of nature.

Being fully present

My complete attention and presence is the greatest gift I give to my clients.

Innate Wisdom

At their core, each client knows exactly what they need; it is my job to facilitate the excavation of their innate wisdom.

A little more about Susan

Susan loves to read and listen to podcasts. Learning is breathing

Mental health advocate dedicated to
Access to mental health care for everyone.

She loves dark coffee with cream especially Lancaster Coffee Roasters Whoopie Pie flavor – Oh my

Cancer survivor who loves to help women design their re-entry to life after treatment

Susan loves being out in nature, walking, hiking, kayaking and she is an avid disc golf player

Susan is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and is a certified health coach

She is a Global Marketing Director at Kyndryl a spinoff from IBM where she worked for 25 years.